Real Dealer Studios Releases Revolutionary Volcano Roulette

Real Dealer Studios, a Malta-based cinematic game manufacturer, has officially launched Volcano Roulette, an innovative steampunk and volcano-themed title that includes new mechanic and takes the entire existing online roulette experience to a whole new level.

New updated online roulette title:

This new online roulette title represents a truly unique iGaming experience, especially since it involves multiball, a unique mechanic linked to the smoldering volcano located in the center of the wheel. Throughout the gameplay, said volcano may randomly fire 1 or 2 additional balls in the circle, doubling or tripling the player’s odds of winning a straight-up wager.

However, as soon as a straight-up wager appears, a specific sequence is activated during which the numbers on the spinning wheel fall, flip and move to uncover multipliers. Then, one more lava ball gets shoot out on said wheel 7BALL CC to decide the sum of the multipliers for wins of the straight-up wagers. In addition, the number of multipliers may be as high as 333x and is applied to every straight-up wager that has appeared. Since a maximum of 3 numbers may fall in any round, players have the potential to win triple!

In terms of the game’s visual and audio quality, it is second to none, especially when it comes to its volcanic-steampunk setting. Such quality is possible only because the developer used the Cinematic Random Number Generator (RNG), a one-of-a-kind approach to game development that reflects film-making practices found in Hollywood.

This entire one-of-a-kind process, developed by Real Dealer Studios, includes the production of film-industry quality videos combined into the title’s framework based on the RNG.

The final product is a video  manufactured utilizing the identical state-of-the-art effects used by Hollywood studios in producing high-budget blockbusters. Steampunk environment with a 3D network of light bulbs, dials and brass pipes is photo-realistic, topping features of other online games.

Anyone who wants to try out this extraordinary title, can do it exclusively through Games Global.

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Expressing pride for this new release, Chief Product Officer at Real Dealer Studios, Shane Cotter, commented according to the source: “With Volcano Roulette, Real Dealer Studios is making a bold departure from the traditional, single-number game, bringing an exciting twist to how roulette is played. Coupling that with the amazing experience that Cinematic RNG can deliver is what makes this game a sure winner.”

Vinnie Jones Card Chase title:

In other news, just last year, the developer launched the Vinnie Jones Card Chase title, the 1st hi-lo game.

Relatedly, the title is the product of a cooperation between Real Dealer Studios and the popular actor. Also, it is the latest installment of three titles, including the football player and actor acting as a dealer in games that include Vinnie Jones Stories Roulette, Vinnie Jones Blackjack and Vinnie Jones Roulette.