Marathonbet Signs Deal with GIG for Their Automated Compliance Tool

As the iGaming industry is weighed down by more and more regulations, companies strive to regain control over their compliance and scramble to find ways to decrease issues.

Marathonbet Recruits GIG’s Marketing Compliance Tool

Marathonbet joins the list of companies to strike a deal with Gaming Innovation Group (GiG) to use their GiG Comply tool.

The software tool will assist the company in overseeing its affiliates and helping them operate in line with the brand’s standards and message.

The GiG Comply tool helps locate ads on non-brandsafe domains by following predetermined criteria and checking thousands of websites for red flag words.

The automated affiliate marketing software is tailored to market-specific legislation and advertising standards.

It will monitor advertising partners and ensure compliant and transparent marketing efforts for Marathonbet. GiG has designed the tool to work with regulatory bodies’ requirements in different territories so this implementation will reinforce the company’s compliance tactic even further.

Noche Hopes to Deliver Outstanding User Experience Through GIG’s Tool

Marathonbet’s Affiliate Manager, Germán Soto Noche, expressed his happiness about the partnership with GiG. He continued by saying that the GiG Comply tool is in line with the company’s business goals and is the ideal solution to assist in managing compliance control.

“We look forward to GIG helping us ensure our affiliates can offer their audiences an outstanding user experience in line with regional regulations.” Noche said.

Jonas Warrer, Managing Director of GiG Media, added: “We are happy that Marathonbet has placed trust in GiG 7BALL Comply to help ensure that they remain proactive and compliant with advertising regulatory requirements. 

“At GiG, we like to place the power in our partner’s hands and with the flexibility built into GiG Comply, Marathonbet can create bespoke compliance checks, which are tailored to their needs and market. This will not only help to ensure they remain compliant but will also help to safeguard their Licence in multiple jurisdictions.”

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Gaming Innovation Group Inc. is an iGaming company that offers cloud-based products, platform services and performance marketing to its partners.

The newest member of GiG’s portfolio arrives after Nano Casino, another iGaming company as well as Bet365 and the Malta-based casino group Rootz.