New Jersey to join online multi-state poker pool

The long-awaited expansion of online gambling involving multi-state player pooling will take place next month. On May 1st, New Jersey will join Delaware and Nevada in pooling online poker players. Individuals taking part in online poker gaming within each state will be able to play against each other once the option goes live. and, both poker brands of Caesars Interactive Entertainment, will go live on May 1st in all three states, according to information 7BALL provided to the Associated Press by the Caesars Entertainment subsidiary earlier this week, according to US News & World Report. This will mark the first time the three states have partnered up to offer online gambling together.

Caesars is now awaiting approval from regulators in each state and has already provided software to be tested in each jurisdiction. The main goal, according to the report, is to increase liquidity for each state. Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey have failed to gain any ground when it comes to online poker liquidity, so the hope is that with larger player pools, revenues will begin to increase.

New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement Director, David Rebuck, commented on the player pooling by stating: “This will raise jackpots and provide even greater opportunities for play. It also paves the way for additional states to join and grow the regulated, legal online poker market.”

In order to participate, the pact reportedly requires Nevada and Delaware customers of and to create a new account and download new software. Once the process takes effect, existing Nevada and Delaware poker software from the two companies will no longer be operational. New Jersey players who possess an existing account will reportedly not be affected.

Poker players in Delaware and Nevada have been able to play against each other for three years now as the two signed a deal in 2015. However, New Jersey did not take part and only just joined under an agreement beginning in October 2017.

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