Postle’s Cheating Allegations Dismissed, King’s and Kuraitis Face Amended Complaint

The poker scandal of 2019, the cheating allegations against Mike Postle, is even closer to completion now as a US District Judge issued a ruling Wednesday in favour of all three defendants, Mike Postle, Justin Kuraitis and King’s Casino, opting to grant their motions to dismiss.

All Allegations Against Defendants Dismissed

Judge William B. Shubb of the Eastern District of California nearly put an end to the $30 million lawsuit by dismissing all 14 combined complaints between the three defendants, stirring up poker communities that were waiting for a much different outcome. As all complaints against Postle were dismissed with prejudice, Mac VerStanding, the plaintiffs’ lawyer will have to file an appeal in order to continue the legal case against him.

The legal team for King’s Casino, the operator of Stones Gambling Hall, claimed in its latest file to dismiss that, according to California law, losses from gambling cannot be considered as damages. The other defendant, Justin Kuraitis, also claimed the same, hence asking for the complaints to be dismissed.

The US District Judge pointed to a 1999 case, Kelly vs. First Astri Corp, where the casino won a legal battle against blackjack players suing it for using marked cards. Judge Shubb stated in his 24-page opinion that the strong public policy in the state against judicial resolutions of civil claims that arise out of gambling disputes requires the dismissal with prejudice of claims against Postle, for fraud, negligent misrepresentation and unjust enrichment.

Complaints against King’s Casino, for negligent misrepresentation, negligence, constructive fraud, fraud and a libel claim against Veronica Brill were dismissed but the judge left the door open for the plaintiffs to continue the case, as some of the complaints were dismissed with leave to amend, giving plaintiffs 20 days from the date the ruling is filed to amend their complaint against the casino. Complaint amendments against King’s Casino and Justin Kuraitis, if filed, should be consistent with the judge’s ruling.

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Plaintiffs Utterly Disappointed

The ruling brought major disappointment to the plaintiffs and their lawyer, who at one point filed a motion for sanctions against Postle. Mac VerStandig expressed his utter disappointment in a tweet, stating that an amended pleading would certainly be filed, but did not mention a single word about filing an appeal.

Veronica Brill, the initiator of the lawsuit, went to social media to express her anger at the decision, stating that from now on poker cheating at the table wo taya365 uld be left unaccountable for. And many from the poker community, players and poker fans, would definitely agree with her.