The KSA Pushes On with Legal iGaming

Dutch gaming regulator Kansspelautoriteit passes first stage of legalizing the industryResponsible gambling to play a major role in the overall Bad actor rule will probably apply after a potential legalizationThe Kansspelautoriteit Closer to Legalizing iGaming in the Netherlands

The Dutch gamingregulator the Kansspelautoriteit (KSA) isknown for its proclivity to issue severe penalties on operators that have been coloringaround the lines of a non-existent and yet somewhat sternly applied code – the“bad actor” rule.

While theKSA has been bickering with some of the most respected brands in iGaming,including William Hill, the body hasn’t overlooked its main responsibility –coming up with a framework that will bind all iGaming operators.

The KSA hasembarked on an ambitious quest that encompassed several cities including Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Utrecht and Zwolle. The KSA spoke to numeroushealth experts, game providers, and iGaming businesses – both local and fromabroad.

The upshot is the conditional approval for a legalized iGaming industry, but the KSA is still reluctant to share too much information about how any future framework would work. As a result, gaming providers should exercise caution and take the developments moving forward with a grain of salt.

It’s All About Being Open in Dutch iGaming

The KSA willinsist that any business planning on launching operations in the Netherlandswill have to be upfront about the chance of the customers actually winning,backing everything with st 7BALL atistical data. All chances for a potential win wouldbe displayed in a clear and concise matter and non-for-profit gambling help lines will be established.

In addition,the regulator will insist that special measures are taken to limit anyopportunity for players to develop addictive behavior. There will be special measuresfor oversights designed to control playersaged between 18 and 23.

None of thisis of course carved in stone and it’s a preliminary overview of what alegalized gambling industry in the country might look like. A lot more willneed to be done before the KSA is satisfied with afinal draft for a legal framework.

KSA to Reconsider Regulation, Remote Gambling Up for Voting

One specificthing that needs to be addressed is the “bad actor” rule which is certainlyupheld in fullest by the KSA. The rule basically wants to ban any operator thathas been offering gambling products without a proper license – an impossibilitygiven the unregulated status of iGaming.

It seemslikely that the bad actor provision will apply in full force even after the KSAhas regulated the market, something that will give a competitive edge to somebrands and cut other off a new and potentially vibrant market altogether.

Apart fromWilliam Hill, the KSA has fined Casumoand in 2019 so far,slapping them with up to $450,000 infines.

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